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Custom built

Yacht Solutions customizes a Bordeaux 60


On the request of a new Bordeaux 60 , Yacht Solutions had mounted a 4G aerial on the top of the yacht's mast. The operation was flawless, thanks to our know-how and proximity to the yard.


From now on, the owner can receive the 4G network much further offshore, and recreate the network down below. The amazing technological experience has also been broadened by installing an Apple TV onboard, streaming the music onto the Bose sound system. We operated on the mast head in the late afternoon, but still under a stinging sun drowning the city of Bordeaux into a a light underlining the river's ochre colour. Bordeaux clearly is a city turned towards the sea and navigation: its docks, its shipyards, its harbour, its bridges, its stop-over of the Solitaire de Figaro...